Home With a tight economy, a shrinking social skills repertoire, and a clash of personalities, offices and workplaces are getting all charged up with tensions. If not so, they already are imploding as a result of fierce rivalries and feuds. Well, the modern day workplace is never short of one or two individuals that perennially… Read More

One of the greatest quotes I ever heard in my entire lifetime was from T Harv Eker and went like this “If you will do what most people wont, for the next couple of years, you can do what most people cant do for the rest of your life”. This quote is so powerful and… Read More

More often than not, children are conditioned and rewarded to ‘fit in,’ through parental indoctrination, media, advertising and social establishments-religion, culture, education and society. While children need to learn manners, social etiquette, values and integrity, they also need guidance to experience life on their terms. Expressing one’s uniqueness against these multi-layered ‘fit in,’ messages… Read More

To “practice what you preach” is surely the best way to teach your children morals and responsible behavior. The question is, however, if you are not yet perfect and you still have vices, is it better not to preach at all, or is it better to preach even though you don’t practice? Nowadays in our… Read More

The word ‘focus’ is often used in the context of success. We’re told, for example, that highly successful people are better focused than the rest of us. We hear stories about athletes or sports people who are totally focused. Surely, if either you or I could get some of this focus, at the very least,… Read More

Hmmm interesting question – isn’t it? Are you thinking that you don’t talk to yourself? Well the truth is – we all talk to ourselves. I’m not saying that your roam the streets rambling back and forth to yourself! The “talking” I am talking about is the thoughts that run around in your head. I… Read More

How do you connect with others, either in a group or just one on one? The answer really depends on you and what you want to instill in others. Even if connecting with others is something you are not good at today, you can learn how to do it and become better tomorrow. Learning how… Read More