All to often we are far more enthusiastic about talking than we are listening. Yet it is so vital if we are to communicate effectively. Most break downs in relationships are caused because people talk at each other without really making contact. Unless someone hears what has been said including the subtext the words have… Read More

Have you ever wondered why the things you want the most in life take so long to achieve. Then because it’s takes so long to achieve it, you just give up and start on something new. – This can be a very frustrating thing and it can also lead you to not feeling very fulfilled… Read More

Each of us was born with inspiration and dreams to create a life of fulfillment and joy. So why are so many of us left standing in confusion and so easily influenced by our environment to become something we are not. If you find yourself asking the question: Surely, there must be something more fulfilling… Read More

Most of the confusion around you is simply distractions you’ve created so you don’t have to focus on what you want. What would happen if you finally made the decision to achieve the success you wanted? Then, what would happen if you stayed focused on accomplishing the level of life you desire without allowing distractions… Read More

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Its that time of year (as I sit here writing this on New Year’s Eve) when everyone is supposed to be relaxing in a post holiday bliss and contemplating what constructive changes you can make to your life in the next year when in reality you’re more likely contemplating the size of the credit card… Read More

In life we often come across people who hurt us, lie to us, cheat us and sometimes even break our hearts. Often we move on, but are unable to forgive and forget. We carry the pain in our heart and don’t let the emotional scars heal. The reason probably is, that for some reason we… Read More