How much of your day is spent in “go, go, go” mode? Where your mind is in charge and has completely let behind your emotions and body… Where you feel a sort of tiredness all over. Where everything seems to be without life and joy. How often do you spend in this disconnected state? In… Read More

As I waited for my appointment at the fracture clinic, a number of worries consumed me. I can’t drive for six weeks. How will I see the Great Wall of China with an air boot and a cane? I decided to take hold of my emotional state by asking myself an important question, “What is… Read More

Do you have a support system? When you are making changes in your life, there are days when you’ll feel all alone in this world. Those are the days you’ll be tempted to throw in the towel. And it is for those days that you need a support system in place, a person or a… Read More

It is often said that women show how they feel and men keep their feelings to themselves. And this is surely going to apply to some men and women, but not all of them. It is simply a generalisation and one that allows people to navigate their world more easily. One reason why it is… Read More

In Britain we have a very distinguished comedy writing partnership called Galton and Simpson. These two were responsible for some of the funniest situation comedies on radio and television from the 1950s to the 1980s. If you ask anyone living in these islands – who is old enough – they will tell you happily that… Read More

I saw “Harrison Ford” a couple of weeks ago at Starbucks. We sat across from each other for about three hours. I kept sneaking peaks at the guy. I even posted a status update on my Face Book saying, “I’m sitting across from a guy at Starbucks that looks like Harrison Ford, what do I… Read More

The real secret is that whether you feel sad, broke, lonely, overweight, depressed, overwhelmed or hopeless, you have the power within yourself to change the way you look at life and ultimately the power to change your life. Oftentimes we spend too much time thinking about the negative parts of our life. But what we… Read More

The word No is sometimes viewed a s a negative word. Whenever this word is used, it it denotes an end to a request. It is an answer to either a plea, inquiry, request, demand, suggestion, proposal etc. Many people who lack assertiveness cannot afford to say No without feeling guilty. For many years I… Read More