When you’re en route to achieving your BIG dream, you may be told by well-meaning friends and family, “don’t get your hopes up.” They don’t mean any harm; they’re just living in a limited perspective of the world. You can choose a different perspective. The bigger picture is that there are limitless possibilities, and that… Read More

The creation of the earth, world or universe took place because a law was put in motion. This same law is what governs both the natural and the spiritual world that we exist in. The Law of Spiritual Attraction is not a religious fad, but it is largely an unchangeable concept that came into existence… Read More

Some gurus have said that violence is nothing but the act of separating yourself from others because we can’t get violent with ourselves. It is only possible when we think that we are superior or inferior from others. Or in other words if we separate our existence from others, then we are bound to be… Read More

As human beings, even though we are all basically the same, (having a brain, body, set of eyes etc.) we are all wired differently. This is important to realize, as many people too often believe that we should all see things the same way and come to the same conclusions. First is to understand that… Read More

Choices. We are all constantly making choices – what we do, what we say, where we go. Even coming to this article was a choice you made. You choose your own path. You choose where you work. You choose whom you spend time with. You choose where you live. You choose what you study. You… Read More

Mental Movies That Keep on Giving First, Learn The Rules 1. If I want a positive result I must rehearse it MENTALLY in the right Frame-Of-Mind. We get 95% of what we expect by creating mental movies of ourselves in action in the future. Why? Because we are storing long term memories in our brain… Read More

What is Wonderment? Wonderment: n. Astonishment, awe, or surprise. Something that produces wonder; a marvel. Puzzlement or curiosity. [answers. com] You can only experience wonder when you allow yourself the freedom to lose yourself in the beauty and grandeur of the world around you. This takes a heightened degree of open-mindedness on your part, particularly… Read More

Life is more expansive than what we see and what we feel. Life encompasses not only the here and now of our perceived reality, but is richer than beyond our most detailed imagination. What we are experiencing in our ego minds is a minute nanosecond, a tiny speck of dust in the great world of… Read More

One of the hardest challenges for humans, is the concept of living in the present moment. People aren’t taught to value the present moment because typically, we are taught to live in the two other realms of consciousness: the past and the future. If a person were to think about it, from the time that… Read More